Public Night Sky Viewing 5/10/19

Our first successful 2019 outreach session with the Rochester Astronomy Club and public observers happened on May 10 at the Watson Soccer Fields. The day began with clouds, but the skies cleared long enough for us to get a few hours of viewing with the public. We had about 38 people show up for this event!  Eager young astronomer observing the moon with binoculars.

Bamber Valley Science Event

The Rochester Astronomy Club was invited to the Bamber Valley Science Event, geared towards second and third grade students. We set up several different kinds of telescopes to explain how they work and give students a chance to look through them. The weather was poor, so all telescopes were set up in the school gymnasium. We hung pictures of celestial objects for students to find with telescopes or binoculars. Additionally, Mike C did a demonstration of how gravity impacts celestial objects, which was a big hit!

Lunar Eclipse 2019

The Rochester Astronomy Club organized a public viewing event for observing the 2019 lunar eclipse. The forecast was for brutally cold temps, so the club secured the Olmsted History Center with access to a warm building for thawing. The location has quite a bit of light pollution, but since the goal was to observe the moon, it wouldn't matter much. The event had quite a large turnout! I wish that I had more pictures to share, but my phone battery died in the sub-zero temps within a few minutes of exposure. Fortunately, many club members were able to take some nice photos. Check out their website if you would like to see them. -9 air temps.... not very pleasant for standing still outside