Site migration from Pi to Centos

This website is run on my server-of-the-month. It was initially born on a Raspberry Pi and hosted from my desk. It is still hosted from my desk. You are currently in my home, in my room, on my desk (excuse the mess), but I have migrated this site to a new server. I am in the process of getting Centos System Administrator certification via Linux Foundation ,  so I thought that it would be good experience for me to keep the site running on my Centos server (on my desk). So.... if this site is down, you know that I've done something bad

SteamCMD game install / update issues

While trying to install an ARK: Survival Evolved dedicated server on Centos 7, I ran into a problem with the installer looping on this line: centos 7 ILocalize::AddFile() failed to load file "public/steambootstrapper_english.txt". If you run into this issue, try this. It worked for me: log in as your game server account and cd to your installation directory. Then - cd ~/steamcmd rm -r ./linux32/ mv ./package/tmp/* ~/steamcmd/ ./ +login anonymous +quit cd back to your installation directory execute the install / upgrade again. Good Luck!