Site migration from Pi to Centos

This website is run on my server-of-the-month. It was initially born on a Raspberry Pi and hosted from my desk. It is still hosted from my desk. You are currently in my home, in my room, on my desk (excuse the mess), but I have migrated this site to a new server. I am in the process of getting Centos System Administrator certification via Linux Foundation ,  so I thought that it would be good experience for me to keep the site running on my Centos server (on my desk). So.... if this site is down, you know that I've done something bad

Pi Arrival and Web Server configuration for WordPress

My very first Pi arrived! I ordered the Canakit Starter pack and have big plans for it. What's been done so far: Rasbian Linux installed Configured to run WordPress (Apache, MySQL, PHP, WordPress) JohnFoolery website migrated from BlueHost to this Pi. DDCLIENT package installed and configured to use Namecheap API to keep my home dynamic IP address updated in the DNS Installed Webmin for server management Challenges encountered: After running the sudo apt-get install wordpress install package on a fresh Raspbian install, things didn't work as expected. The following adjustments needed to be made: MySQL server install did not complete - reran sudo apt-get install mysql-server Even though mod_rewrite was enabled in the .htaccess file, it was being overridden by the global Apache config file. All of the pages of the site failed with 404 errors.The references to AllowOverride None must be set to  AllowOverride All in apache2.conf (or your config file) Some of the plugins require curl and while curl was installed, it was not installed for php. sudo apt-get install php5-curl and restarting apache fixed this. Installed sendmail sudo apt-get install sendmail so that WordPress can email contact forms.