Reflections – December 2018

Published December, 2018 Reflector, Vol. 71, No. 1 Astronomy may not be my primary career, but it is indeed a passion. It is something that I have enjoyed since my first real exposure to it as a Boy Scout. Volunteering to be the new editor for Reflector is just one of several things that I do to make sure that I continue to have a regular and healthy dose of astronomy in my life. Making the transition from observing the night sky, alone and in the dark, to joining the bright and public astronomical community is only something that I have only recently done. Doing so has exposed me to the experiences and challenges of others who share this passion. When I think about my journey from Boy Scout to editor, I realize that I am fortunate. And I have also realized that others may not have been as fortunate as I have been. I never received much encouragement to explore and pursue astronomy, but I also did not need it. I had a natural passion and curiosity fueling my motivation to pursue it. While I might not have been encouraged to enjoy astronomy, I was never discouraged from doing … Continue reading Reflections – December 2018