SteamCMD game install / update issues

While trying to install an ARK: Survival Evolved dedicated server on Centos 7, I ran into a problem with the installer looping on this line: centos 7 ILocalize::AddFile() failed to load file "public/steambootstrapper_english.txt". If you run into this issue, try this. It worked for me: log in as your game server account and cd to your installation directory. Then - cd ~/steamcmd rm -r ./linux32/ mv ./package/tmp/* ~/steamcmd/ ./ +login anonymous +quit cd back to your installation directory execute the install / upgrade again. Good Luck!

How to copy / backup Sentora to a standby host using rsync

For those of you that use Sentora control panel for web hosting, the task of backing up or syncing your installation can be a little tricky. These scripts will aid you with the process of copying an entire Sentora installation to another server, which can be used as a standby / backup server or in a High Availability configuration. Assumptions You are running Sentora in the standard configuration on a Linux server (primary) You have a second Linux server, also running Sentora (standby) You have the ability to ssh / rsync from the primary server to the standby server. Recommendations If you are using Sentora for your DNS support, it is best if you use a floating IP address that can be moved to your standby servers. If the floating IP is referenced in your DNS entries, the same entries can be used for both primary and standby servers. If the IP of the local server is used, the standby server DNS entries will need to me modified before it can be used as the new primary server How it works The scripts will , via ssh, stop the running instance of MariaDB on the standby server and then perform … Continue reading How to copy / backup Sentora to a standby host using rsync