LX90 Unboxing and Assembly

The time has come, a cold and cloudy day (of course) to unbox and assemble the LX90. Exciting times!! The box looked a little beat up, but I expected some of this and trust that Meade takes this into account when packing. I opened and set up the tripod first. It seems like it is well made! And now the reveal - Bass Ale for scale   Assembly complete!!! (Empty Bass Ale for scale - center tripod) And it is supposed to be cloudy and rainy for the next three days, of course! As always, thanks, Mom

Finally got the telescope of my dreams

I've been using a great 10" Dobsonian for a while now, but I've been wanting something bigger and computerized. With my work and school schedule, I do not have a whole lot of time to enjoy astronomy these days. Anything that I can do to "cut to the chase" helps me enjoy the hobby in my temporarily limited time. I purchased a Meade LX90 12" and here it sits in boxes, waiting to be assembled and enjoyed. I'm waiting for the right time to open it up. I want to enjoy this.... thanks, Mom.

Site migration from Pi to Centos

This website is run on my server-of-the-month. It was initially born on a Raspberry Pi and hosted from my desk. It is still hosted from my desk. You are currently in my home, in my room, on my desk (excuse the mess), but I have migrated this site to a new server. I am in the process of getting Centos System Administrator certification via Linux Foundation ,  so I thought that it would be good experience for me to keep the site running on my Centos server (on my desk). So.... if this site is down, you know that I've done something bad