Baker College Projects

Note – Project Files will be downloadable once the GIT repository is complete

WEB 231 – PHP Programming

Description URL Files
 PHP / MySQL Final project involving PHP functions, PHP to MySQL database interaction, cookies and sticky forms

WEB 221 – Interactive Web Design using CGI/Perl

Description URL Files
HTML, Perl CGI FINAL – countdown timer, server date and time, chat, HalfLife map file generation, survey
HTML Redirection c12ex1.html fulton2.html
HTML, Perl CGI Creating and checking cookies c113x5.cgi c11ex5.html
HTML, Perl CGI Storing into a database. Email confirmation, Results generation c10ex5.cgi c10ex5.html
HTML. Perl CGI Store and remove from a database c09ex5.cgi c09ex5.html
HTML. Perl CGI Convert numeric date to text date c08ex6.html c08ex6.cgi
HTML, Perl CGI Convert Temperature with passing parameters and calculations c07case1.html c07case1.cgi
 HTML, Perl CGI Counting voters using file parsing  c05ex5.html c05ex5.cgi
 HTML, Perl CGI Registration Form passing parameters c04case1.html c04case1.cgi
HTML, Perl CGI Calculate Area based on user input c03ex3.html c03ex3.cgi
HTML, Perl CGI Language Conversion using arrays c02ex4.html c04ex4.cgi
HTML, Perl CGI  President number correlation via sending data though hyperlink  c02case1.html c02case1.cgi

WEB 211 – Web Scripting

Description URL Files
 HTML, javascript JJ’s WIng Sauce – Final Project
 HTML, javascript  Guppy store drag and drop cart
 HTML, javascript Guppy store drop down cart