Public Night Sky Viewing 9/14/2018

It was hot and cloudy all day, but the prediction was for the clouds to break by 9 pm, so we went forward with this months outreach event at the Watson Soccer Fields in Rochester, MN. It turned out to be the largest outreach event that I’ve seen in my time with the RAC. Over 60 people showed up to view the night sky! The clouds broke by 8 pm and we were able to see Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars before the clouds returned at about 10:30. It was nice to see the students from Mayo High School that were encouraged to attend. I’m still having a problem getting the new telescope properly collimated, but it is getting better. I love the LX90, but nothing beats a trusty Dobsionian for getting things up and running in little time. I wish that I was able to photograph the night-time crowds, it was truly remarkable.

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